09/25/19 - Supervision: Creating Effective Performance Evaluations (Manhattan)

1 session

James Kennedy, LCSW



Target Audience: Supervisory Staff (Clinical and Non-Clinical)

Performance Evaluations can be stressful for both the evaluator and as the person being evaluated. Reaching consensus on performance can sometimes be a daunting task, and the evaluation process differs from person to person. This training focuses on topics such as summarizing and evaluating employees’ performance over a set period of time, motivating staff to continue doing good work, and encouraging staff to address areas of challenge.


The training also overviews the skills necessary to successfully review, manage, draft, and deliver quality performance evaluations. Key writing tips, and processes for giving staff feedback and addressing performance issues, are practiced through case studies and small group work.

OASAS Certified, This training is not eligible for Social Work CE Hours.


09/25/19 - Supervision: Creating Effective Performance Evaluations (Manhattan)

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