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CUCS provides training on a wide range of topics related to human services and behavioral health. CUCS is accredited as a New York State Social Work Continuing Education Provider and OASAS certified.

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SHNNY Member Price: $76    Regular Price: $95 Though statistics vary, there is a consensus in the field that most consumers of mental health services are trauma survivors and that their trauma experiences shape their responses to outreach and services.  Trauma Informed Care is an engagement technique that recognizes the presence of trauma histories and acknowledges the role of trauma in the lives of survivors.  This training offers an overview of the new diagnostic criteria from the DSM-5 of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other trauma related disorders, as well as other symptoms and behaviors that can result from trauma.  Assessment, safety issues, medication and symptom management are explored both on case management and programmatic levels.  The training explores vicarious trauma issues. Read More

SHNNY Member Price: $76    Regular Price: $95 Providing effective, clinically sound services for persons with trauma histories can be complicated.    Well intentioned, but unskilled staff can inadvertently set persons with trauma histories into crisis by over-processing or not understanding how to help persons contain their thoughts when talking about trauma.  An understanding of support strategies that offer safety and grounding to persons with trauma histories are covered in this full day training.  Aside from the effects of trauma on individuals, trainees will gain a better understanding of the healing process including providing safety, mindfulness and grounding techniques.  In addition, the workshop explores self care as an essential component for staff working with trauma histories. Read More

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