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CUCS provides training on a wide range of topics related to human services and behavioral health. CUCS is accredited as a New York State Social Work Continuing Education Provider and OASAS certified.

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SHNNY Member Price: $80.00  Regular Price: $100.00 Demographic shifts in the United States are impacted significantly by aging Baby Boomers and prolonged life expectancy.  Studies show that the proportion of older persons will increase dramatically over the next few decades.  Services and programming must be able to adapt to this new need to help adult’s age-in-place, promote health and absorb the increase of homeless older individuals.  This training explores the specific needs and challenges of working with persons as they age and offers skills and strategies to assist persons to maximize independence and continue to work towards full and healthy living. Read More

SHNNY Member Price: $80.00  Regular Price: $100.00 Suicide is a major pubic health concern and is among the leading causes of death in the United States.  Recent studies reveal that suicide in some populations is on the rise.  Service providers are challenged with offering support to a number of special needs populations who are at greater risk of suicide than the norm.  National efforts have focused on identifying risk factors and strategies to prevent suicide.  This training provides an overview of both suicide assessment and prevention, and offers vital statistics with an emphasis on risk factors that contribute to potential suicide.  Intervention strategies, including assessment on the continuum of suicide and ensuring the person’s safety are presented, and attendees will learn how to create a plan of safety for individuals.  Case studies are used to practice the skills presented in this training and resources are provided. Read More

SHNNY Member Price: $80.00  Regular Price:$100.00 In prison and jail, individuals with mental illness often experience a series of traumatizing (or re-traumatizing) events that increase their mental and emotional vulnerability. These experiences can create challenges with re-entry into the community. This training is designed for those who are or will be working with individuals living with mental illness who have a justice-involved history. Specifically, it explores cultural adaptations common during incarceration, and how these behaviors can influence the adjustment to "living on the outside"; it then provides tools for engaging and assisting these individuals as they transition back into community settings. Case scenarios are presented, as well as a "Prison Survival Quiz" that reviews some of the situations/decisions that an inmate may encounter when incarcerated, and the impact of those decisions after. Read More

SHNNY Member Price: $80.00  Regular Price: $ 100.00 Until recently, compulsive hoarding remained a misunderstood disorder about which little was known. Current research and outreach strategies have transformed the types of services we can now offer persons with this disorder. The training focuses teaching staff the skills needed to work collaboratively with a tenant to help him/her stay housed. It offers an overview of hoarding, identifies the populations at highest risk, and helps distinguish hoarding from collecting. Attendees learn how to assess, engage, and manage these behaviors in supportive housing, and will leave the training with a more complete understanding of how to create a healthy alliance with persons who hoard and assist them with a transition to a less cluttered life. Read More

  NY/NY III is the agreement between New York City and New York State to create 9,000 units of supportive housing for a wide range of disabled homeless persons in New York City. The agreement marked the largest commitment to creating housing for homeless persons. This half day training is targeted to human service providers working to access housing for special needs populations. The NY/NY III Agreement provides housing options for Chronically Homeless Single Adults or Families, or those at risk of becoming Chronically Homeless. This housing targets several populations, including Youth Aging out of Foster Care; and Single Adults or Families who have a Serious Mental Illness, HIV/AIDS or another Disabling Clinical Condition and/or a Substance Use Disorder. The training is interactive and reviews the eligibility criteria, how to apply, and resources to complete an effective HRA 2010e application. . It is recommended that trainees take this training prior to registering for the HRA 2010e training. Read More

Target Audience: Supervisory Staff (Clinical and Non-Clinical) Performance Evaluations can be stressful for both the evaluator and as the person being evaluated. Reaching consensus on performance can sometimes be a daunting task, and the evaluation process differs from person to person. This training focuses on topics such as summarizing and evaluating employees’ performance over a set period of time, motivating staff to continue doing good work, and encouraging staff to address areas of challenge. Read More

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