10/02/19 - Practical Counseling Skills (Manhattan)

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Thessa Mariano


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Case managers have diverse backgrounds, and they work to provide a wide range of services to persons with special needs as they navigate the complicated systems that support them. Yet staff who are new to the field often have little to no hands-on experience in basic engagement and counseling skills, and studies show that effectively-trained staff provide more consistent and higher-quality services in helping professions. This training offers practical information about mental health counseling and the role of the case manager in facilitating individuals’ achievement of greater independence and movement towards wellness.


Participants are introduced to a variety of fundamental clinical skills and strategies. The training emphasizes strengths-based engagement and assessment, active listening skills, focused referrals, and effective transition of services as individuals make progress on the path toward recovery. Attendees have the opportunity to utilize examples from their own work.

Accredited as a New York State Social Work Continuing Education Course and OASAS Certified

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10/02/19 - Practical Counseling Skills (Manhattan)

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