09/17/19 - Decompensation and Relapse: A Proactive Lens (Brooklyn)

1 session

Allison Costine




The philosophy and practice of recovery is transforming the way we look at mental health services, as well as how programs respond to persons who decompensate or relapse. Utilizing the least restrictive intervention while ensuring that the client is both safe and having his or her mental health needs addressed can be complicated. This training offers skills and strategies on responding to psychiatric crises, including assessing, engaging, and assisting persons at the earlier stage of decompensation to adhere to treatment. In cases where the crisis has escalated, the workshop reviews strategies for voluntary and involuntary hospitalizations and for assisting persons returning from the hospital. In addition, the workshop explores how to support persons recovering from substance abuse and to promote relapse prevention.


In cases where relapse does occur, the training offers strategies to maximize the learning experience and help persons gain motivation to re-engage in sobriety.

Accredited as a New York State Social Work Continuing Education Course and OASAS Certified

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09/17/19 - Decompensation and Relapse: A Proactive Lens (Brooklyn)

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