09/20/19 - Understanding Compulsive Hoarding (Manahttan)

1 session

Michael Golub, LMSW



Until recently, compulsive hoarding remained a misunderstood disorder about which little was known. Current research and outreach strategies have transformed the types of services we can now offer persons with this disorder. The training focuses teaching staff the skills needed to work collaboratively with a tenant to help him/her stay housed. It offers an overview of hoarding, identifies the populations at highest risk, and helps distinguish hoarding from collecting. Attendees learn how to assess, engage, and manage these behaviors in supportive housing, and will leave the training with a more complete understanding of how to create a healthy alliance with persons who hoard and assist them with a transition to a less cluttered life.


This training is a pre-requisite to Buried in Treasures: A Curriculum to Address Hoarding Disorder, an evidence-based curriculum based intervention targeted to both support services and property management staff interested in offering classes to tenants on the issue of hoarding and living less cluttered lives.

Accredited as a New York State Social Work Continuing Education Course and OASAS Certified


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Compulsive Hoarding 9.20.19

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09/20/19 - Understanding Compulsive Hoarding (Manahttan)

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