09/18/19 - Non-Coercive Approaches to Conflict Management (Brooklyn)

1 session

Allison Costine



Conflicts are an unavoidable aspect of life. Periodically, conflicts can rise to the level of crisis or violence, leaving staff feeling ill-equipped to respond meaningfully. Appropriately-trained staff, however, can anticipate and be prepared to use effective strategies to de-escalate situations. If recognized and dealt with effectively, differences have the potential to inspire, promote CMCP positive change, and encourage growth and understanding. This training offers participants the skills to intervene in the early stages of conflict as a way to prevent violence, and looks at person-centered approaches to establish relationships that help prevent tense situations from intensifying. This training also describes the different stages of conflict escalation and ways to respond to each stage.


At the end of the training, attendees will have a better understanding of conflict and greater confidence in responding to conflicts.

Accredited as a New York State Social Work Continuing Education Course and OASAS Certified

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09/18/19 - Non-Coercive Approaches to Conflict Management (Brooklyn)

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